Laboratory of Mechanical Testing and Metrology

Location: TalTech
Testing of material properties. Brings together highly experienced experts in various fields and unique test equipment. The main task of the testing laboratory is to provide a service at the international level to companies, research institutions and public institutions as an independent, so-called as a third party laboratory.


Measuring laboratory

Location: TalTech
Brings together scattered 3D measuring devices that can be used for scanning product models (LED laser, light) as well as for contact measurements. Although the devices are located in different rooms, they form one whole in terms of 3D measurement.


Industrial Virtual and Augmented Reality Laboratory IVAR

Location: TalTech
Focuses mainly on the study of the possibilities of using virtual reality and augmented reality in the field of industry and covers a very wide spectrum.


The Acoustics Laboratory

Location: TalTech
The most modern and high-quality sound transmission test center in the entire nearby region. The two-chamber building complex contains uncompromisingly complete, complete equipment and special software from the best Danish acoustic equipment manufacturer Brüel & Kjaer.


Computed tomography laboratory

Location: Estonian University of Life Sciences
Uses a unique computed tomograph (X-ray device) purchased by the Science Roadmap measure in 2017, which allows to examine the products, their quality, defects and construction. It can also be associated with 3D models and a print service.


Flexible Production and Robotics Center

Location: TalTech
Includes a warehouse system, a mobile robot and a CNC lathe with an industrial robot serving it. The system is based on the FESTO Didactic solution and is further developed on the Industry 4.0 and flexible manufacturing concept.


Protolab (3D printing laboratory)

Location: TalTech
Owns 3D printer-laser melting device, SLM-280 2.0 (metal powders), 3D printer-laser melting device, Realizer SLM-50 (metal powders), 3D laser sintering device, EOS Form with P100 (plastic powders) , 3D printer, Z-printer 310 (gypsum powder) and 3D filament printers, Leapfrog Creatr HS (available in different models, with different capabilities).


IMS – Intelligent Materials and Systems Lab

Location: University of Tartu
Includes UT robotics laboratory (collaborative robots, software development, artificial intelligence).