Laboratory of Mechanical Testing and Metrology

The Mechanical and Metrology Test Laboratory brings together experts from diverse fields of expertise and unique test equipment. The main task of the test laboratory is to offer international service to enterprises, research institutions and government agencies as an independent, so-called. third-party lab.

Since 2000, we have a certificate from the Estonian Accreditation Center accepted in Europe.

The most important services include welding control, mechanical tests, material designation, microstructure studies and failure analyzes. In addition, we offer consultations and experiments based on the needs of the customer, thus enabling products and production processes to be improved. Laboratory accreditation allows companies to order test on welds and materials necessary for exporting thei products across Europe.

We follow the quality system on the daily basis, quality system has been audited annually by the Estonian Accreditation Center. We have successfully participated in international proficiency testing, which confirms the high level of our services, reliability and staff competence. Our staff are experts in their field, laboratory has many unique test and measuring equipment in Estonia. We are accustomed to the high demands of the companies,  we carry work out on high professional expertise level.


        Tallinn University of Technology, U05B-206



         Priidu Peetsalu

Phone: 620 3342